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 matthew thompson

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ObjavljaNaslov sporočila: matthew thompson   Sob Maj 25, 2013 8:44 am


19▼ male ▼ Lawrence kansas ▼ Jensen Ackles ▼

"ah what day is it?" Matthew asked his younger brother Sky when he got up slowly from his soft bed covered with wool. His little brother stayed silent and was watching the night sky,so that's a fact.. it was nightime. Matt' asked him again the same question when he stretched his body by the bed,something was wrong. His brother was quiet as a grey stone in the middle of nothing. Soon Matthew walked to him and touched his shoulder. "..brother?" he asked in a low tone,after that he has seen that it wasn't his brother.. not really.. it was a doll. A doll that looked just like his little brother. He was shocked,anger covered his mind thinking that he is picking a prank on him. He fastly stepped to the Wardrobe and opened it,there was nothing after that he looked all around the hotels apartment. His brother was nowhere and he didn't even write a note for him like he usually did. "common sky.. stop making me wanna freak out." he said nervously while he was walking in the room. The Phone ringed,the ringtone was a metallica song so it was really loud. He covered his ears a little and ran to the phone. It was alot louder than any time before,he picked it up and asked. "h-hello?" a strange voice started talking back,but he couldnt understand it. That 'thing' was talking in a different language. After some minutes the phone stopped and all the power went down, all the lights went off. The hotel was dark and he couldnt even see where he was walking all the way to the night-closet where he picked up the apartment keys.Matt slowly walked to the door and unlocked it. The corridor was long and dark,pitch black. "..sky!?" he stepped fearlessly forward and didn't stopped walking,screaming his brothers name all over the hotel. Soon a voice was heard on the radio that was understandable. "..come to california,there you will find your brother." that voice was fadeing quickly. Matthew promised to himself that he will find his brother even if he has to swim the entire ocean to find him again.

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khloe rocher

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ObjavljaNaslov sporočila: Re: matthew thompson   Sob Maj 25, 2013 9:15 am

Matthew Thompson,
sporočamo ti, da si bila sprejeta na forum
TROUBLEMAKERS! Veliko užitkov ob pisanju,
khloe & scarlett

te samo prosim, če si spremeniš starost, ker je na forumu dovoljena le od 16 - 19 leta.

    i'm perfect bitch around here:
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matthew thompson

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